Buying Weed in Thailand

buy weed thailand

Who is able to use weed in Thailand?

It is lawful for anyone over 20 who is not pregnant or nursing to consume cannabis.

Where is it available for consumption?

It is legal to smoke cannabis indoors, and restaurants with a license can serve cannabis-infused food. It is illegal to smoke marijuana in public areas like shopping centers, schools, and temples. The punishment is three months in prison and a fine of 25,000 baht ($750). People should generally be mindful of not “encroaching” on other people’s space, according to Chopaka.

Where is it available for purchase?

Around the nation, there are over 5,000 dispensaries that sell CBD oil, infused foods, consumables with THC levels under 0.2%, pre-rolled joints, and cannabis flowers. So basically you can almost buy weed in Thailand anywhere.

It is easy to find dispensaries in places like Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok. However, its advises, to try to buy your weed from reputable, licensed places.”

Is it possible to grow?

Cannabis growers are required to register with the Food and Drug Administration of their nation. In order to use cannabis flower buds for research, export, or commercial processing, a permit is also required.

What is the maximum amount you can smoke?

Menachem states that there is no restriction on personal consumption. Nonetheless, the ministry’s advice recommends against driving after intoxication.

What is still forbidden?

No portion of the plant or its seeds may be brought into or taken out of the nation by visitors. Additionally, it is unlikely that tourists will get the permit necessary to possess extracts with a THC content greater than 0.2%.